21762825_149127909016301_7072550901525181201_oHey friends, thank you for stoping by! My name is Daniela Dib, and I am a fitness professional. I am currently a full time SoulCycle instructor in Vancouver BC.

I grew up dancing, and attended Canada’s National Ballet School in Toronto for many years. I then went on to train with and dance with Boston Ballet School, Houston Ballet, Pacific Dance Arts, American Ballet Theatre in NYC and Texas Ballet Theatre.

My dance career then led to me film. I had the opportunity to perform in the movie “Center Stage: Turn It Up” as one of the principal characters, Allison. This drew me into down the path of commercial dance work (I can be seen in “Supernatural”, “SuckerPunch”, “HellCats” “Once Upon a Time” and “Canada’s Got Talent” to name a few). During this time, I was also apart of a girl group called Vanity. My group got signed to Universal Music Canada, and we moved to Toronto to pursue this dream.

Unfortunately, our group disintegrated and I had to make some new life choices. I decided to get my O1 work visa so that I could move back to the United States to continue to pursue dance and entertainment. I worked between New York City and Los Angeles, where I primarily focused on commercials, music videos and tours (some of my work includes a lead in the music video “All About that Bass” Meghan Trainor, “Shine Like Gold” with Cee Lo Green, and touring with MAC Makeup). I also had an acting role in “The X-files” as the character, Sarah.

While this career was exciting, I began to feel the desire to do something different. I got my certification as a yoga instructor, and found real strength and joy in this. Then, as things often do, the greatest opportunities in life present themselves in mysterious ways. I received an email from my agents asking me if I was interested in attending a SoulCycle class. Having no idea what that was, and being someone who was a) not into cardio and b) really, really, really not into cardio, I was not interested. But I decided what the heck I’ll give it a try…what could I lose by going?

It was love at first ride.

I had no idea what happened in that class, but I knew something in me clicked. I desperately wanted to become an instructor. Of course, the journey toward anything meaningful is paved with setbacks, obstacles and usually a lot of nos.

I was invited to a very intense expedited training process in Los Angeles to become an instructor. After completing this,  I was utterly devastated to find out that I had not passed. I was not ready to become a  SoulCycle instructor at that time.

But I believe that when life knocks you down, no matter how hard, you have to get back up. You rise to the challenge if it is worth it to you. And this dream certainly was worth it. So, I dusted off my cycling shoes, packed my bags and went to New York City to re attend the full 10 week training program.

This time, I passed!  (yay!!!) I began to teach in NYC, before being asked to move to Los Angeles to teach full time in California. During this time,  I also signed with my dream agency, Wilhelmina models, and knew the ultimate dream was right around the corner.

Opening up the first SoulCycle in my hometown of Vancouver.

We opened in the summer of 2017, and the journey continues.