Work your Core: With Jana and Daniela

Welcome to your Core Workout friends!

As trainers, Jana and I have tons of clients expressing their desire for more defined abs.  HOWEVER, a strong core goes beyond aesthetics and having a sexy 6 pack (not knocking the sexy 6 pack of course… big fan of it).

While the aesthetics are tempting, a strong core actually serves a greater purpose than just getting Instagram likes and wearing half tops. And in order to achieve them, Jana and I encourage you to do more than just endless reps of sit ups.

The core does not solely refer to the abdominal muscles. It includes many muscles that are deep within the torso; they attach to your spine and pelvis floor.

With a stronger set of core muscles, you will see results that extend beyond appearance. This includes an increase in athletic or sports performance, preventing lower back pain, and an improvement in your posture and breath work.

Below is our workout video that breaks down some very simple, yet effective moves. These are very easy to do in a small amount of space without the need for equipment.

Jana and I encourage you to watch these moves, and then do them on your own at least a few times a week. You can turn on the TV and do them, blast some tunes, incorporate them into your gym routine, or play this video and follow along with us.

  1. Hollow Hold
  2. Toe touch and leg drops
  3. Half Bicycle Hold
  4. Full Bicycle

We recommend you do each move for 30 seconds, repeat 3 to 5 rounds.

A few key points to keep in mind. We encourage you to work on the FORM first. We show MODIFIED versions and the more advanced versions, but remember that it’s far more important to work smart and safe. Once you get stronger, the more advanced versions will become achievable!

Happy Core strengthening! For more tips on how to stay fit, click here.  


Video filmed and edited by Alaina Michelle.  



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