Rider Interview with Actress Lucy Hale

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Rider interviews are simply the best. It gives me the chance to showcase the amazing humans who walk into SoulCycle, and ride their hearts out daily. Everyone I meet has something to teach me. All of my riders have inspiring backstories, and come from different walks of life. It brings me real joy to highlight people in my life, and I am so excited about this blog post!


For my first interview of the year, I had the chance to speak with the talented and gorgeous Lucy HaleActress (Pretty Little Liars), Singer (Road Between)and all around badass woman.


Lucy and I first met years ago in Los Angeles. Her stunning smile, down to earth personality and insane work ethic was immediately clear. We both love working out, and instantly bonded over SoulCycle and fitness.


Last summer, after I moved back to Vancouver, it looked as though Lucy and I were fated to give the middle seat to a couple thousand kilometres of coastline. But our luck had better plans. As Vancouver was opening its first SoulCycle gym, Lucy found out that she would be filming her new Vancouver based TV show. The timing was perfect, and a week after I moved back to Vancouver, Lucy came to town to start production on her new TV show (CW Life Sentence). 


I can not say enough amazing things about her. Not only is she an incredible role model for young women, she also is one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I know. And do NOT be fooled by her size. Lucy possess some serious physical and mental strength, and goes ALL in during her workouts! Her and I even had a duo workout session with our trainer Jana Finkbiner, and Lucy kicked some SERIOUS tire flipping ass.


Lucy blows me away with her strength and determination. She rides her bike the way she lives her life:with passion, focus and an inspiring attitude. 



What got you hooked to SoulCycle?

Originally I couldn’t stand spinning, but SoulCycle got me addicted. I love the extreme challenge it is for me physically, yet it also taps into things emotionally and spiritually for me as well. It’s also amazing to be in a room with so much positive energy. I feel really inspired every time I take a class.



How do you cross train?

I HAVE to keep my workouts constantly changing and fresh or I get bored. I work with personal trainers wherever I travel. (Chad Mouton in LA, Jana Finkbiner in Vancouver, and Bryna Carracino in NYC). They keep me on my toes and push me to my limits. I love to mix in Pilates or hot yoga too so I feel longer and leaner. Boxing classes are amazing too.



With your insane schedule, how do you stay motivated to keep fitness and health a priority?

Fitness is one of, if not the only thing that keeps me feeling balanced. It is my “me” time and helps me to feel at the top of my game physically, emotionally and mentally. It’s nature’s medicine ! If it’s waking up at the crack of dawn before work or getting a quick workout in after work, I will always try to make time for it. It’s an extremely important aspect of my life.



Do you prefer crack jogs, or super thick hills?

I’m assuming you mean in class…If that’s the case i love a quick Jog, but hills are definitely more of a challenge for me and I find they bring up some weird emotions too. So lately I’ve been trying to do more hills because it takes me out of my comfort zone.



Is there a phrase or a mantra that you are inspired by?

It’s not an exact quote, but i always tell myself that there is room and growth to be a better version of yourself. I constantly am aiming to grow in the areas I feel I need work in. If I am good to myself, then I can be better to others.



What is your favourite song to ride too?

I love when an unexpected John Mayer song is thrown in. Proud Mary is really fun too.



If you could star in any hip hop artist music video, who would it be and why?

Eminem. He’s the only hip hop artist I listen to.



If you could go back to yourself 5 years ago, would you have any words of advice?

Be good to yourself. Love and be patient with yourself. You are worthy of the things you have been given.



Who would you like to ride next to most?

Daniela! because she’s a badass who is constantly inspiring me.



What is a kick ass goal you want to work towards for 2018?

Do more things that set my soul on fire. Find new hobbies. Meditate. Constantly keep climbing that hill towards self acceptance. Travel.



Thank you Lucy for taking the time out of your schedule to answer these questions so honestly. I can not wait to watch you crush another year!

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