Breakfast Meal Plan to Kick Ass

“Sorry for what I said when I was hungry” …. said no one who is on a meal plan. 

I find myself in a bit of a dilemma pretty often.

Here it is:  

I’m always hungry.

I hate cooking.

I work out a lot.

I’m always hungry.

Since no one likes to be hungry—after all, it’s a pain that knocks on our door at least three, four, a dozen times a day—and everyone likes to eat delicious foods, I decided to team up with a friend to create a meal plan!

The movies never show us superhero’s  preparing food. But don’t be fooled, there is a direct link between eating well and kicking ass!

This plan is  a) easy to follow b) tastes amazing c) fuels you to feel like the rockstar you are. This friend is also a like-minded fitness babe, a certified holistic nutritionist AND a badass in the kitchen. YOU ARE WELCOME PEOPLE!

Meet Chara Marie! Chara has always had a passion for health and fitness. She grew up in a small town, and realized something profound during high school. Many of her friends had a huge misconception about food. It was a popular belief among her peers that if you ate food, you put on weight. The less you ate, the less you weighed. Many believed it was as simple as that.

Chara has sought to break the perception that food is nothing more than calories. She EMPOWERS us to be educated on all the amazing BENEFITS of food! Rejoice friends, because food is AWESOME! It helps us not only satisfy hunger, but it truly aids us in living an amazing and powerful life.

As part of this life mission, Chara decided to pursue her passion of food, health and wellness. She became me a registered holistic nutritionist and weight loss expert. She lives the life she preaches, of creating wholesome and filling meals for herself, her friends and her clients. Chara has adopted a true mind- body approach to wellness, making this collaboration perfect for the #BodybyD brand!

Chara and I had a great time brainstorming our ideas over, you guessed it, a home cooked meal! (vegan nachos and a breaded cauliflower dish–I mean hellooooo). Her style of cooking certainly deflated that “pretentious vegan” stereotype, and the food tasted incredible.

We discussed an ideal meal plan for a someone who is seeking a healthy life, but who also does not want to slave away for hours in the kitchen (aka someone like me!) Basically, I want to be full and feel great and be able to workout a lot… but also be very lazy and spend minimal time in the kitchen. Is that too  much to ask for?!

Apparently not!

Below you will find a PDF file of a one week meal plan designed to get you feeling your best, the breakfast recipes are included in a step by step! As someone who does not eat meat, it’s imperative that I am getting enough nutrients to support my active lifestyle.

These vegetarian recipes (found here) are all nutrient dense, taste amazing, and will fuel you to go seize your day. 

The plan above is a  prep example of Chara’s 4 week, easy to follow nutrition guide coming out! Chara can be reached for both private personal training and custom meal plans. If you are new to health and fitness, she also has an Ebook that you can check out! 

If you would like more tips on staying fit, check out my blog post on training styles here.

Meal Plans
Meal Plans

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  1. Great collaboration. Educating people around the importance of proper nutrition along with a active lifestyle
    is right up my alley. I can always use some inspiration around meal plans, especially how to incorporate meatless meals for my family and I. Thanks

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