Rider Interview with Jovan Kirovski

Meet Jovan Kirovski

Former American Soccer player, and now technical director for the LA Galaxy, Jovan is no stranger to extreme fitness. He was first introduced to SoulCycle through a fellow professional Soccer player, and now is hooked! Jovan was one of my top riders when I taught in California, and I admire his incredible work ethic and precision on the bike! He took the time out of his very busy schedule (he travels for work constantly!) to answer a few of my questions about SoulCycle and what it means to him.

How did you first discover SoulCycle? And was your first experience different then you expected it to be?

A good friend of mine introduced me to SoulCycle.  I thought he was crazy and didn’t think it would be any good.  It was great!!  Now I go every day.

As a former professional athlete and now working as executive for LA Galaxy, how does it feel to be on the other side BEING coached through a SoulCycle class?

It is a great environment to work out.  The music and energy in the room really gets me going.  The instructor always pushing also is motivating and the time goes by quick.

If you could describe what SoulCycle is in a few words to someone who had never tried it, what would you say?

Energetic, motivating environment for an amazing workout.  

As an athlete, what do you use to fuel up with before a class?

I usually have a protein shake to get me going plus an espresso!!  

Has SoulCycle made its way into your life in anyway outside the room? Perhaps  in your coaching style, in your motivational talks (to yourself or others) or even into your headphones through your music choices?

It gets me going everyday.  It takes my mind to another place and really kickstarts my day.  

What is your favourite song to ride too?

I get going on anything fast!!  

Favourite move on the bike?

I don’t really have a favorite move but the best would be at the end when you sit down after the last song!!!  

How do you cross train?

I run a couple days a week and circuit training as well to mix it up.

In moments where you either want to give up on the bike or in life, or when things start to feel really challenging, do you have any mantras/ positive actions or go to phrases that drive you to continue to push through those times?

The room and the instructor keep me motivated.  I just continue to roll through it.  

Anything else you want to share about what SoulCycle means to you!

SoulCycle takes me to another place and clears my mind. 


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