“Lets talk about Sweat, baby” 

I use to be the girl at the gym who would awkwardly pretend to use the treadmill for 10 minutes before skipping off to grab a smoothie / more truthfully, the girl who just would never go to the gym. Don’t get me wrong, I was a professional dancer which is a kind of insane athleticism, but other then dancing and yoga I LOATHED working out. SoulCycle has been the first intense fitness workout that I have TRULY enjoyed doing. I would probably continue to ride bikes all day every day if I didn’t know better.

Honestly though, doing the same fitness routines without cross training or switching it up is actually going to have negative effects on your body! Cross training is ESSENTIAL and will help prevent injury, increase muscle mass and tone, jumpstart your metabolism, improve your respiratory function, and just overall help you see RESULTS! For more tips on achieving results check out this article.

So lets talk about Sweat, baby, and all the fun ways that I do it. 



Duh! Overall the best time EVERRRRR. SoulCycle is one of the most high intensity workouts you can do. Its the ultimate cardio activity, while remaining low impact on your joints. We also incorporate weights to help tone muscles in the upper body. Class provides a strong spiritual/ motivational aspect, so you are truly getting a mind-body connection. I’ve never seen my body or my mind change so much from anything. Serious win win.



We put so much stress on our bodies and minds. Yoga is one of the oldest art forms of breathe and movement that can help alleviate  stress, while also strengthening and stretching out muscles. Cycling is very demanding on your glutes, hamstrings and quads, making stretching CRITICAL. Even daily tasks such as driving, texting or sitting at a desk can put strain on your body. Yoga can assist with any chronic aches and pains, and you will also see an increase in mental clarity and focus. Yoga opens tight muscles to help with great posture, and can help prevent overuse injuries. As a certified yoga instructor, I still continue to learn so much from my journey on my mat.  So get your booties to a yoga studio today my friends!



POW POW who doesn’t love to punch things. Boxing classes are not just for those who want to get knocked in the face by someone else. There are now tons of group fitness boxing classes where you have your own individual bag to throw some punches at. You will improve your total body strength, hand eye coordination, build the muscles in your upper body, and increase your power and speed. Most places have gloves you can rent, so you have no excuse. Try a class!


Functional Training

In order for me to train people to be their best, I need to be trained by the best. I am obsessed with my trainer Jana Finkbiner. We do a full body, explosive high intensity and athletic workout which uses true movement patterns to create real strength. This also includes functional weight training, rowing, tire flipping, planks, kettle bells, free weights and crazy core routines. For you to access this yourself (if you can’t get to Jana in Vancouver!) you can train using kettle bells and free weights. Of course, I always recommend having a professional guide you through any workout to ensure proper form and techniques.



Now this hits your core in the best of ways. Pilates was created in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates, whose focus was to have a workout rehabilitating soliders and dancers. You will feel a ton of new found strength in all those core muscles, which include your abs, lower back, hips and booty. I recently tried Lagree fitness, which is done on a Pilates reformer, and had my ass seriously handed to me. Lagree is based on slow movements which activate your slow twitch muscle fibers. These muscles assist with long endurance challenges. I found the muscle focus amazing and insanely challenging. The workout allowed me to really concentrate on what muscles I was being asked to target. I suggest giving pilates, or Lagree a go! Your abs will hate you/thank you.


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