Lets Drop the Should it’s Time to Take Action

I should have started this blog a long time ago.

A few years back, right after I got my yoga certification, I felt extremely motivated to start a YouTube channel. I created a few videos and got my game plan going. But, as life sometimes happens, I experienced some negative setbacks. And then the excuses started. And then, the vision died.

After I lost my momentum, I hung on to those excuses. I was too busy, I had no one to film for me or edit, and so on so forth. I knew I still really wanted to create a social media platform of sorts, and I have always enjoyed writing (and no one need’s to help me with this, I can accomplish this on my own) but by then I felt like I was “too late.” Everyone who was doing it successfully had started years before me and had stuck with it. They had blown up, and if I started now I would be so far behind.

Granted, my life was crazy. I had moved back to NYC to go through my second round of SoulCycle training and I was incredibly committed to my career. Then I started to teach full time in New York City, which was then followed with another move back to Los Angeles. I was teaching up to 15 or more classes per week all over California (usually driving four hours per day) and waking up at 5 am six days a week. I came home utterly exhausted. Playlist to make. Skype calls to my boyfriend. Trying to fit in an ounce of me time. Perfect. More completely valid excuses for me to cling on too.

However, I knew deep down that I was just scared of not being successful at this. That other peoples negative opinions of me starting a social media platform had gotten under my skin. That if you want to make the time, you always can. I was stuck in a rut of “I should”…. and “I’ll start tomorrow.”

Lets take Should Versus Action into effect.

When you REALLY want to do something in your life, when you MUST get it done, you will. It’s that simple. No matter what excuses you come up with, no matter what anyone else thinks of you or says; no matter what obstacles, heartbreaks or backlash… if its a MUST, you get it done.

“It is so easy for us to get stuck in the cycle of Should. Because those first steps are hard. For a long time, you may not be the best at it. You may not even be very good at all, but if you don’t take ACTION right now, and I mean right now, then when the hell are you going too?”

I have done a lot of things  I am very proud of. I have heard a lot of no’s in my life and turned them into a HECK YESSSSS. On the other hand, I also know that there are things that I simply do not go after because of my ego. Because starting out green or fresh is exhausting, and everywhere we turn someone started years before us or is younger or so on so forth.

If you are sitting inside a “Should”…. how long do you plan on being there? I feel like now more then ever, the world needs a bunch of people who take ACTION. People who stop cowering from ambitions, buried in the fear of being misunderstood.

From now on, things in my life are a must. Action truly requires a committed heart. Even through rejection and defeat.

I invite you to join me on my path of Action. In fact, you must 😉

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  1. Amazing and inspiring! This is exactly how I felt about starting a healthy lifestyle instagram/YouTube. Baby steps, but steps nonetheless! Here to support you girl 😘 @tasteful.she

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